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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 8: Still in Venice and the Home Stay

I am sure it didn't look like this, but here's what I am going with!
It's Thursday afternoon here in Santa Cruz and I just got off the phone with Katie.

She sounds really tired but good. She spent the day in Venice and then at the beach (a Santa Cruz local also visited the Italian shore - great story here). She said the water was so warm it was like the warm water pool at our local swim center.

She's very frustrated that she can't communicate with the family. She wants to ask questions and learn about things but they can't speak any English (and I think her Italian is limited to "pizza, mozzarella and panini" so she's stuck. She hasn't seen the photo of the house I sent so no confirmation yet on if I found the right place.

Apparently the food has been tasty- one bad meal today - but the rest has been good including pasta and some kind of yummy cheese sandwich. She said she desperately needs to do laundry; she only brought two pair of shorts and she has lived in them since arriving in Italy and they are gross. She's going to do laundry tomorrow at the house.

She also knows a big electrical storm is due tomorrow and since we don't get those here, I think she has no idea what to expect.
This just in! A pic from Pisa!

Her biggest complaint is that they are always, always in a hurry (over the span of the whole trip so far) and she doesn't have enough time to cut her nails or put lotion on. I am sure there must be more to the story but that's how she described what's getting her down. It could be the fatigue from a week's worth of traveling is also starting to take it's toll. I assured her it looks like things shift a little energy-wise as they move from Italy into Austria.

The delegate she's spending time with is Hanah from Inwood, Iowa. Apparently a very nice girl! I am glad they were able to be together this morning but they weren't together at the beach this afternoon. She didn't know what was on tap for Friday but she kind of didn't care. She knows they can't tell her in a way she'd understand. Hard to establish a real relationship with folks if you can't even communicate!

So the one thing she told me that made me laugh and tells me how old she's getting is this: apparently earlier this week she had a cold with a really bad sore throat. She said she's better now but it was bad. She didn't want to tell me because she didn't want me to freak out! I love that! Even when she was away and feeling crappy, she was able to put my feelings ahead of hers and manage through. That's a great sign of maturity.

Should hear more from her tomorrow. Friday is another day with the family. Potentially in the warm rain.
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