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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Day 13: Mauthausen Concentration Camp in Salzburg, Austria

Just a taste of Vienna.
Today they are off to view the sights with a City Quest checking out some of Vienna's most important sights. I expect that's probably in the morning because they then move on to Salzburg and an area just 20km away that houses the Mauthausen Concentration Camp. 

From what I read, this camp was created to work the prisoners to death. It's hard to imagine something that horrific. That people sat in a room, conceived of this and then somehow made it come true. The link below provides some background and after today's visit with a Camp Survivor, I think this will be a very meaningful visit for the kids.

It's supposed to rain and lightening in the afternoon; it's interesting how nature will conspire to make the camp even more ominous and desperate. 


In the good old US, I was up at 4am trying to work with Customs in Vienna who have her package but won't release it without a copy of her passport. I actually thought I had a copy - I looked for more than an hour - but did not find it and sent what I had to the agent. I called to follow up and was told he had just stepped out and would call me right back. 

I waited 30 minutes and called back, at about 4:03 pm their time, and the office had closed. That was that. As I have learned with FedEx, if it ain't on the truck to Salzburg tonight, it's not gonna be there tomorrow. What's even more aggravating is there are both in the same place right this minute (Katie and the package) but I can't get them together!

I know Judy has an iPad charger that will work on Katie's phone. I have asked her to at least give Katie a charge for Eiffel Tower day. That's all she's dreamed of since she signed up for this trip nearly a year ago. I hope Judy will come through in the clutch. 

Otherwise, no other news. No photos. No health update.

This Just In: It's 10:28pm my time, 7:28am their time. Judy just sent me a message that did manage to make it through. Pretty much all I needed to hear!

I did send another message but it is still sitting in my out box along with 3 other emails of pictures that I sent last night. After unpacking and repacking everything in my suitcase I discovered a battery operated charger that my husband must have stuck in at the last minute. I'll give it to Katie at breakfast and in a 1/2 hour or so she should be able to call you. The other message said that we would figure something out. If all else fails, I will share my charger with her. Relax, it will all work out.
People to People Itinerary: WEDNESDAY, JULY 11: Salzburg, Austria

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