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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day 7: Home Stay in Venice

Sending to Katie to see if it's her house. Love Google Earth!
Katie is in Venice; well, a suburb of Venice.

The folks from People to People called me this morning (I had left a message yesterday) and explained they usually don't share home stay information - um, that might be worth thinking about a bit more thoroughly - but she could give me some basic info.

Based on what I have Googled, I think I have it but I am not sure. I think she's here. And that might be a picture of the house!

It took forever (waiting) but I finally talked with Katie briefly today (nighttime, her time). She was with her home stay family and getting ready to shower and hit the sack.

She didn't really have privacy on the phone - I guess she's sharing a bedroom - but she did say there are three people in the family with one child who is 12 (like her). She said the house is not really different from American homes except theirs is four stories high (I would NOT want to drag a vacuum up four stories!).

I wanted to make sure everything was okay; she sounded exhausted. I said "if you feel safe, say the word 'Ruby'," our cat's name. She paused and said, "Ruby" so I feel okay about things. Not really sure what I would have done if she didn't say it! I am guessing a little homesickness will likely settle in over the next few days. Especially because she says they speak very little English. This will be a learning exercise!

She is in the home as a single delegate, no other kids are with her. But, she said her family is very good friends with another delegate's family - Hannah's or Hanah's (I don't know which one!) - and they were together that night for dinner and will be together during the day tomorrow (um, today from this blog's perspective!). The plan it to hit Venice and have some fun. I hope they have a wonderful day!

We did talk briefly about Pisa. She said it wasn't really what she expected and not that big of a deal. When I look on Google Earth, I can see that the Leaning Tower is kind of the only thing in a rather plain landscape. After seeing so much grandeur,I don't know how that poor tower was supposed to compete!

People to People Itinerary: THURSDAY, JULY 5: Home Stay, Italy
  • Today will be spent experiencing European life and culture with your home stay family.

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