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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Day 11: Folk Dancing in Austria

I wonder if they can see this castle? Wow!
It's Monday morning, and today they are off to Austria to learn how to folk dance and an evening of Medieval games.

I have no idea what that means but seems very diverse doesn't it? Hard to image those archery experts getting their folk dancing on! The temperatures don't go down much but the vibe will likely change quite a bit from the pace of Italy.

They are staying at the Burg Friesach in Friesach, Austria. I can't find a direct link for the hotel, but I did find it on the map. It looks small in a small town so probably not worth their having a website.

The trip is officially more than half over.

The hotel is the little red dot.
It's Sunday morning and Katie called in distress. It's really the first time since she's been gone. She's been tired before but I could tell when I answered, she was upset. She left her converter and iPhone charger at the  home stay.


Nothing about that darn home stay went very well. She's super stressed about leaving it because she so wants to be able to call home once a day (and get my texts that I pathologically send all day long - she pulls them just twice a day but I can send all day long!). The father has the darn thing but their hotel is in Padua and that's kind of far from Venice.

So first had to talk her down. Hopefully she can get a charge off someone else but that's going to be a challenge since they need to charge too and their time is limited. In my alternate reality, I have been trying to figure out how to get one to her. Not. So. Easy.I even tried reaching out using social media. But their next town is kind of in the boondocks. And it's Sunday night there.

So my plan B: I can FedEx a charger to Salzburg and make a bet that it gets there when she gets there. There are no guarantees it will make it but FedEx feels pretty confident. I wanted odds but apparently they aren't bookies and they don't give odds. I am learning so much.

In related news, Judy, her delegation leader called last night and we talked briefly about Katie's infection. She was on the problem and would help Katie get some meds. Today they were able to get decongestants and nasal spray which will help tremendously. Katie said it was working.


People to People Itinerary: MONDAY, JULY 9: Friesach, Austria
  • The picturesque town of Sirnitz also known as the "Official People to People Town of Carinthia" invites you to spend an unforgettable day in the countryside. After a warm welcome together with town officials you will get to try a very special local treat.
  • Now a unique cultural experience waits for you! Learn more about the traditional life, e.g. folk dance lessons and farmers' Olympics! Afterwards enjoy a delicious traditional meal.
  • Join in a splendid evening of authentic Medieval games, including archery or chavelot, followed by an opulent banquet!
I suspect it won't be anything this involved. But it sure looks exciting!

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  1. We know she is good at archery so hopefully she'll have a good time. Thanks for the daily posts; I look forward to reading them.