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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 10: Padua, (Last Day in) Italy

They will get to ride in a Gondola.

As we go to bed tonight, Katie will be waking up and reuniting with her fellow delegates! Whoopie!

I think I will sleep well tonight knowing she's surrounded by the energy of her old crew. I hope she finds other kids who had similar experiences since there's nothing better than, "me too!" to make it all feel okay.

Today they get to see the Murano glass blowers. I found an interesting brief history of glass and it's explains how Venice because a hot spot for production.
The Bridge of Sighs. 

They are staying in some nice digs tonight. The Vergilius Hotel Spa and Business Resort that has a pool so it could be very fun for the kids as they reunite, get loose and hopefully cool down! 

Murano Glass (looks like candy!)
Saturday Afternoon in California: Katie called before heading out to dinner. She thinks she has a sinus infection (I will spare you the details but I am convinced) and she doesn't know how to proceed. Neither do I! I am going to call P2P and see what happens next - if anything - maybe we can get something to her by Austria on Monday. Who knows! 

Considering her throat hurts and her ear hurts she's in pretty good spirits. She had an interesting day in the mountains. She couldn't explain why because she didn't have privacy but she said no one expected it to go the way it did. No idea what that means.

She was with Hanah today so that made it ever-so-much better. She also bought shorts and she said they are "cheap" and she's worried they might fail. I told her wear cool underwear and if they do, she'll just in Italian fashion showing lots of flesh (I guess at the house the mom and daughter wear bikinis all day and the dad some "tidy whitey" thing).

When we got off the phone, I sent her some translated text messages in Italian that she's going to convert into thank you notes. It's 8:30, she has to shower, go eat dinner, write thank you notes and completely repack her suitcase. I think this might be a late night. They have to be back with the delegates by 8:30 tomorrow so it's time to rock and roll and get outta there!

I tried the power of suggestion and told her she might start feeling a lot better when she gets back with her team. It's crap but it might help!

People to People Itinerary: SUNDAY, JULY 8: Padua, Italy

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