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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 14: Baking Apfestrudel in Switzerland

Austrian Apfelstrudel.
Oh come on!

Salzburg is absolutely amazingly beautiful (see photo below)! This must be blowing their minds. Today they tour the city and then lunch in Innsbruck at a tourism school (if Katie comes back deciding to major in tourism, People to People better be prepared to hire her!). And they get to learn to cook  Austrian Apfelstrudel and then eat it!? Cool beans.

When it's all said and done, they end up in Switzerland and they are staying at the quaint Hotel Schiffahrt that looks adorable - like something out of Solvang (I know, wrong country - but close!).

As I updated in yesterday's post, Katie finally called very briefly last night and assured me her health was better and that she had been saving the last charge in her phone for the Eiffel Tower (duh). She'd bum a charge of someone for that day but she was almost out and otherwise fine. What a relief.

Then, this morning, I work up to a miracle. Oh a whim, I decided I'd check the FedEx just to see where in the world it might be (I figured parked in Vienna). But the thing said, "Delivered to Salzburg!" No freaking way! I mean no way!!! I almost couldn't breath. I quickly called the hotel and they confirmed they had it and expected Katie in a couple hours! She'd have it shortly.

Best Face EVER!
Best Text EVER!
Then I got this text. Wow. And a few minutes later, a phone call - with Face Time because they had free wi-fi! You could hear all the kids calling and texting and otherwise being excited with the connection!

Of course I busted her for being sunburned ("first time mom, I promise!) and she told me about the concentration camp and the survivor yesterday ("I couldn't swallow or eat afterward. I had a pit in my stomach that was huge. It was horrible mom"). I am so glad it went in: deep.

So I am breathing again. Relieved off the charts. I already sent FedEx a thank you letter because one woman, Carolyn Harris, did something huge to get that sucker through customs. I don't know what she did, but she did it. That and all the positive thoughts and prayers from everyone who imagined that box getting in Katie's hands.
People to People Itinerary: THURSDAY, JULY 12: Heidiland, Switzerland
  • Uncover Salzburg's hidden treasures as you explore this beautiful and historic city with your local guide.
  • In Innsbruck, enjoy a unique lunch at the Villa Blanka. At this tourism school you will learn about the Austrian Tourism School system and have the opportunity to test your skills at baking your own dessert - the famous Austrian Apfelstrudel!
  • Board the ship to cross the lake at romantic Heidiland and enjoy the beautiful landscape!
The fortress in Salzburg.

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