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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 15: Strasbourg, France via Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland
I believe Katie said today is mostly travel by bus into France. France! They are finally making it to France!

They will have some free time in the morning, but then they jump on board and travel. From Mols, Switzerland to Lucerne is just a little over an hour. The itinerary says they will tour there for awhile and then they go on to France.

Seriously, where is everyone?! Halloo!?!
Then they head to Hotel Les Colonnes Strasbourg-Zenith in Eckbolsheim, France where they will stay one night before heading on to their final destination in Paris for the last three nights of the trip. The drive from Lucerne to Eckbolsheim is about two and a half hours.

Eckbolsheim looks cute but there don't appear to be any people. This should make access to the town easy since they won't have to wait in any lines for anything!

But seriously, on the itinerary they say Strasbourg and that's the big city right next to this little town where they are staying. Strasbourg has a rich architectural history – the entire city center of Strasbourg is classified as world heritage.

Strasbourg, France (close to Germany).
When I talked with Katie today, she thought it was going to be about six hours but Google Maps thinks it's much shorter. I hope so, Lucerne looks like an amazing place to hang out for awhile.

They did make the Apfelstrudel today (and left with the recipe), but Katie said they didn't eat the one they made, they ate other ones (I am thinking that was to their advantage). She said it tasted great. They hotel was really a hostel and there wasn't any place to shop. This was a point of frustration for Katie who clearly hasn't bought enough souvenirs yet.

I could hear her excitement building as they inch closer to France. She sounds so much healthier. Looks like things have smoothed out!
People to People Itinerary: FRIDAY, JULY 13: Strasbourg, France
  • Discover Lucerne, a city in the heart of Switzerland situated on a lake and surrounded by high mountains!
No idea of the kids will see this. The Lion of Lucerne commemorates the Swiss Guards who were
massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution.The American writer Mark Twain praised the sculpture of a mortally-wounded lion as "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world." 

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