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Monday, July 9, 2012

Day 12: Service Project in Vienna, Austria

This is the structure so far.

Today they work on the Castle Project which is all-the-buzz among historians, archaeologists and scientists. This article describes the amazing feat: building an entire castle by hand (just like the old days). 

The project sounds amazing - if not crazy - and it's thrilling that our kids get to be part of something so big. It won't be finished until they are in their mid-40s! That means they can return to this site to see the completed castle with their children and say, "Hey, I worked on this!"

This is the People to People service project. They always do one on every trip. 

Tonight they stay in Vienna (I can almost hear music when I hear that name). They will stay at the Eventhotel Pyramide in the south of Vienna. Based on the website, it looks pretty posh. They might get a little lightening and rain tomorrow.

I did not hear from Katie today. It's like having a broken TV. I sit here with no idea what's happening in the next episode. Jeez. I did manage to successfully send a converter and a charger to Austria. Now we pray it sails through customs and arrives in Salzburg on Wednesday. I am pathologically checking the tracking number so I can see what's happening. I have never been more grateful for a client onsite tomorrow -the distraction of going to San Francisco is welcome. It will help the time pass.

In the meantime, I look forward to hearing about their visit with concentration camp survivor. They are rapidly aging and dying and I so want this piece of living history to be part of Katie's life experience.

People to People Itinerary: TUESDAY, JULY 10: Vienna, Austria
  • Participate in a true People to People moment as you work with local residents on the "Castle Project". For over 30 years, volunteers have been united in building an authentic medieval castle without the use of modern technology.
  • Meet and take part in a discussion with a survivor of a concentration camp (Theresienstadt). This is an unique opportunity and a true honor for Student Ambassadors.
  • This evening you'll attend a performance at one of the famous concert houses of Vienna.
This is just one of the Viennese concert houses. Wow. Gorgeous.

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  1. What fun. We are studying midieval times right now. I'll have to show the kids this post. Hope you hear from her soon.