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Monday, June 30, 2014

P2P Day 12: Cutting Peat, Helping the Elderly and Hurling Before an Irish Meal

Boggy good day it seems!
I heard from Katie today. She looked great and was tired after a busy day.

They did some historical study about the area and then they learned how to cut peat. This has me intrigued so I went and found a video to help me understand what was really going on here.

Turns out turf is a solid fossil fuel so it's like cutting wood but instead it's ground! I gotta get me a peat bog. Sounds kind of cool - I really want to know how it smells. Maybe really rich and loamy? It's nice to have a bog nice family. (If you listen to the video, that accent is so great - you can hear his teeth all tight while he talks.)

Katie FINALLY touches the
Atlantic ocean and it's on the
opposite side.
Not sure Katie and Jessie
really needed a Pub...
The leaders posted some photos of the kids working with the elderly. I didn't get a chance to talk to Katie about it but there are smiles in the pictures so I bet they made a good impression.

There are also some photos of the kids learning to play Hurling or Gaelic Football. I have no idea what they were doing but I bet we get some good stories when they get home.

What Katie did tell me is they were all meeting at the pub and that sounded so cool. I've always wanted to say, "Meet me at the pub!".

I guess they have one more day in Ireland; they will be making their way back to Dublin tomorrow with plenty of activities along the way.

From the People to People Itinerary

Welcome to Cahersiveen, famous for Daniel O'Connell the 19th Century Irish Politician and campaigner for both Catholic emancipation and for Repeal of the 1801 Act of Union between Ireland and Great Britain.

Our morning will start with a stroll through the town learning about local history, political and economic issues as well as the flora and fauna that is to be found in these wonderful hills overlooking the Atlantic.

Step back in time and learn how to cut peat with John. Once dried, this will then be given back to the elderly of Cahersiveen to burn for winter fuel.

Join our Irish hosts in a day supporting the local community - preparing and delivering meals for the elderly, visiting the local hospital and working in the gardens of this community.

Be welcomed at St Mary's Gaelic Athletic Association to learn the Irish sports of hurling or Gaelic football.

This evening prepare for a ceili [oh this had to be totally worth it to watch them do this!] where you will learn the art of Irish music and dancing whilst enjoying a traditional Irish meal. If you have not already learnt about "the craic" you will have done before the end of the evening!


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