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Sunday, June 8, 2014

P2P: Oh Man - She's Leaving for Europe in Just Over a Week!

Math class, SnapChat, Desperation
But first she has to get through finals!

Katie's first year in high school was a real challenge. She loved the social part, she hated the academic part. Her school is on an excel schedule (which means one semester for a year-long class - fewer classes per semester but it goes fast and there's a lot to do!). But it's finally coming to an end and I looking at just for our days of having a freshman.

This year's journey with People to People will take her to England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. These are the lands of her people. Lush with green meadows, fantastic accents and good beer, er um, wait, that's for my blog - amazing sites, she'll be touring with a group from Santa Barbara, Ventura and Wyoming.

Katie will fly by herself to Chicago where she'll me up with the gang and then off they go on June 19th. Her tour is called Celtic Cultures. Here's what the website says about it:
Escape to a magical land famous for its medieval castles, alluring cultures, breathtaking landscapes … and leprechauns! It’s the UK as you’ve only imagined. Become an honorary knight during an exclusive tour of the spellbinding Warwick Castle. Shear sheep on a family-owned farm. Meet a legendary Scottish Highlander during a demonstration involving weapons, kilts, and clans! Experience these magnificent countries in ways that will inspire your imagination, feed your curiosity, and give you a new perspective on this amazing part of the world.
I can't wait to see photos of her shearing sheep! She'll come home alone too but at least she'll get all the way to LA with the gang before they send her packing back to San Jose. She'll be back on July 7th just in time to get ready for her 15th birthday.

I'll start blogging her itinerary on the 19th! Look for photos from the airport, links to the highlights and so much more. Thank you People to People!

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