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Friday, June 20, 2014

P2P Day 2: Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and Visions of Sleep

I love the delegation managers this year. They are great about communicating and posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram. This one is a favorite!

Katie managed to FaceTime me around 12:30pm my time (8:30pm their time) and she said she hadn't slept since I woke her up at 4am yesterday. Look at the snap, I'd say she looks like that!

She said the flight went well and when they arrived they were exhausted.

They stumbled around the castle and the mile but it was pretty free form today. [I don't even know how they were moving much less touring and I'm not sure they did the Royal Mile Murder Mystery referenced below.] Katie said everything was green and there's lot of water (which is a big deal when you're from California and the drought is in full swing). I predict many long showers in her immediate future.

She and her roommate were nesting and looking forward to getting some real sleep. I think she said her roomie was Morgan.

The leaders posted the group shot. I'm pleased to say that's my girl in the coral jacket who's either contemplating her navel or in a sleep-deprived face plant. Tomorrow they play golf. Her uncle will be so proud. I guess if you are in Scotland and you don't play golf you'd be a real nudge! Here's to a hole in one!

From the People to People Itinerary:
Today you arrive in Scotland; a land of amazing beauty with its soaring mountains and sparkling lochs. Scotland has an intricate past, which is expressed in a rich and diverse cultural heritage which you will enjoy during your stay in the country. Scotland’s currency is the GBP [on today's date, one pound is equal to $1.70 American - I weeping a little]. Do you have Scottish ancestry? Do you know your family clan name and tartan? [Katie's gramma is a Donald!]
  • Welcome to Scotland! Meet your Delegation Manager upon arrival.
  • Safety first, don’t forget that traffic runs a different direction in the UK than in the U.S. so be aware before getting to your motor coach. [Funny story, in New Zealand, Katie and another delegate nearly got picked off because of this problem! I reminded her to pay attention this time.]
  • Visit Edinburgh Castle perched atop the crags of an ancient volcano right in the center of the city.
  • See stunning Georgian andVictorian architecture and medieval streets, the Old Town of Edinburgh and capital of Scotland is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Have fun taking part in "The Royal Mile Murder Mystery'' - an interactive quiz along the famous Royal Mile. As its name suggests, it is approximately one Scottish mile long and runs between Edinburgh Castle at the top of Castle Rock, down to Holyrood Abbey.

And there's the Edinburgh Castle.Wow.

A few pics that came in from the delegation leaders (thank you!):

Edinburgh Castle

Lunch or snack or who knows!

On the Royal Mile

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