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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

P2P Celtic Cultures - Please Help Me Get Through the Next 24 Hours

Is this half done or half un-done?
This is always the worst time. This is why Xanax was made. This is how you separate the wheat from the chaff. See - I'm already using metaphors that make no sense. That's how fragile I am.

We have to leave this house at 4:30 tomorrow morning to drive 90 minutes to San Francisco, find airport parking, check her in (checked bag required), get her through security and then I start praying. Praying she doesn't diddle around at the gate and miss the flight to Chicago where she meets up with the Ventura/Santa Barbara delegation and the Wyoming delegation. In Chicago she becomes Ray's problem (her Leader) and I can start breathing again.

Seriously? I ate Taco Bell!
But, back the truck up because it's just 2:56pm the day before and she's having her last lunch with her good friend Ariana. They are dining at a restaurant my brain says I can't afford. Hmmm, how did that happen? Then she has to come home and finish packing. Despite what she thinks, I will be supervising because I let go last year and well this happened (see last paragraph).

I live in fear of what she might forget this year.

My other favorite part of today is getting everything ready for me - because I'll be stopping at a client on the way back home and putting in a full work day tomorrow - so I need to get everything done right now so I'm good to go.

Oh god, there's no telling how great I'm going to look early tomorrow morning. Let's just say, it won't be pretty.

And you know how sleep will go tonight. Just like it does before tests and interviews: you really don't sleep, you kind of twilight yourself through the hours, checking and rechecking the clock convinced you will oversleep and miss the plane. Ug! One time we actually just stayed up all night. They wanted us at the airport at 4am (a joke, there's no one there, it was WAY too early) yet we play by the People to People rules. At least she's on her own for this leg of the flight so if I get there a little late, I won't be shamed.

I'll begin trip blogging tomorrow. The itinerary looks so cool. Their first stop: Scotland!

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