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Sunday, June 29, 2014

P2P Day 10 & 11: Last Days in Ireland - Dublin Homestay to the hills of Cahersiveen

That Irish mom is had her hands full!
You wonder why a two-fer? Because when the homestay happens, I never get any information!

I got one quick call from Katie on Saturday telling me she was fine, they were having a good time and she got to go shopping. Of course, that was nirvana for her so no wonder she was happy.

I knew they were staying up late (I could see late night "likes" on Instagram) and I finally suggested she get to bed (I think it was 1am their time) and she said even the 7-year old was still awake. That means some Irish poor mom is going to deal with very tired kids today!

Evelyn posted this great pic
of the Pride celebration in Dublin. 
The homestay included Saturday and then the leaders posted this shot of the mom dropping the kids off at the bus early Sunday morning. I sure hope Katie remembered to write a thank you note (she had Santa Cruz note cards) and give the family some of the gifts she brought with her. She's been pretty forgetful lately, I'm crossing my fingers she remembered!

On their way to Cahersiveen, they stopped at Bunratty Castle. The leaders have been great about sharing photos when they can. There are a few more below.

Cahersiveen is nearly on the west coast of Ireland. These kids have really been on the move! Take a look at the map below to get oriented.

At Cahersiveen, they will do their service project because it's the little things that one way or another will create moments that will keep them up all night. The folks there have a Facebook page where they post the kids pics. I hope they post some soon! This will be their last stop in Ireland with the next stop in Wales.

Day 10: From the People to People Itinerary

After breakfast with your homestay family you will meet up with your delegation for a day exploring. Do not worry, you will return to your home stay family in the afternoon. Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) Museum in Dublin explains the traditional Irish sports of Gaelic Football and Hurling. You will learn how the organization played a pivotal role in modern Irish history. Stroll through Dublin's central shopping area, which runs from O'Connell Street to Grafton Street.

Spend the evening with your Dublin homestay family and enjoy dinner with them. Take the opportunity to get to know more about family life in Ireland.

Day 11: From the People to People Itinerary
Today you will say goodbye to your host family so don’t forget to exchange address information, so you can keep in touch! Make sure you haven't left anything behind.

Bunratty Castle is one of Ireland's major historical sites. Built in the 15th Century and restored to its original condition in the 1950s, Bunratty was home to many Earls and important residents of County Clare.

Adjacent to the castle is Folk Park, a re-created rural village typical of Ireland at the turn of the century. The village boasts shops and a range of domestic architecture, including a labourers' cottage and an elegant Georgian residence.

Journey to Cahersiveen, a small coastal community.

Enjoy your time at a Cahersiveen Guest House, relaxing with your local family and sampling some typical Irish fayre!

These photos are all from the leaders - I haven't heard from Katie since Saturday at noon - very briefly!

First batch - Day 10 - the sports museum and shopping in Dublin. 

This batch, Day 11, at the Castle and arriving at Caherviseen. Wow! 

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