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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

PTPI GYF 2013: Let's Get This [Education] Conference Started!

Am I too intense? 
Just like that, she's in Washington D.C. for a week(end) of conferencing and learning.

She spent the night with Sandra, a close family friend, and together they got up at 4am and got it together and out the door to SFO. The flight left at 8am but of course they had to get there early.

I thought I would see not having to worry about driving them, but no. I fretted. Sent this text to Sandra at 4am. Thankfully she messaged back and I tried to return to sleep. I really didn't relax until I saw the pic of Katie at the airport - thank god, they would get on the plane. My work here was done.

They arrived just before 4pm and now things will really get started. Sandra peeled off to go visit an old friend and Katie headed to the Sheraton Crystal City Hotel in Virginia. The conference hits the ground running so of course I haven't heard from her - don't expect to frankly. Tomorrow they start the workshops and then spend the afternoon touring DC - hopefully that storm below won't him them too hard [hilarious, just Googled "big storm to hit DC" and all I get is links to Chris Christie! Let the politics begin!]

Love FlightAware.com. Flight got in early; I think that Jet Stream is kicking in!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
04:00     Welcome & Orientation
04:30     Delegation Groups - Introductions and Discussion on Importance of Education
06:00     Dinner
07:00     Opening Ceremony
08:30     Delegation Group Discussion: Barriers to Education

Thursday, November 7, 2013
08:30     Global Education Workshops
10:00     Delegation Group Discussion: Workshop Sharing
12:00     Lunch
01:00     D.C. Sightseeing Tours
06:00     Dinner
07:00     Keynote Speaker: Carol Bellamy, former Executive Director of UNICEF
08:30     Delegation Group Discussion: How to Achieve Global Education

Friday, November 8, 2013
08:00     Service Projects in D.C. Area
12:00     Off-site Lunch
01:30     Delegation Group Discussion: How to Achieve Global Education (continued)
04:00     Wrap4Smile Presentation and Project
06:00     Dinner
07:00     Culture 101 Workshops
09:00     Delegation Group Discussion: Preparing your Global Education Action Plan

Saturday, November 9, 2013
09:00     Delegation Group Discussion: Final Preparation of Action Plans
11:00     Delegation Group Presentations
12:00     Lunch
01:00     Presentation and Open Mic Session
04:00     Final Delegation Group Meeting: Reflection and Taking Action
06:30     Closing Dinner, Awards Ceremony, and Dance

Sunday, November 10, 2013           Departures

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