Welcome to Katie's Travel Blog. This is really Jenny-doesn't-get-to-travel blog where I (mom) keep track of Katie's adventures so I can have some vicarious enjoyment! Here's a look at what one globally-aware kid from little Santa Cruz, California gets to do these days if her mom's willing to keep working!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Takeoff Time is Almost Here! This Year's Trip is Amazing

Katie built this model and then created
a little picture of herself climbing to the top!
Katie's been babbling about seeing the Eiffel Tower since last fall. That's when she signed up for this year's People to People trip.

She's lucky she's an only child and I don't mind working like a maniac because that means she gets to do what she loves, travel. I think she gets this from Nick, he loves to travel too (someday, maybe they will take a trip together!).

This trip will cover four countries and she'll be gone for three weeks. That feels like a lifetime to me. I already miss her and she hasn't left yet. She swears she won't succumb to homesickness this time, but I bet it gets her. This is a big trip.

She leaves for Rome on the 29th. The the adventure begins. Like last year, I will post her itinerary and any notes or photos I get. It helps me feel connected and I actually learn a little about what she's doing and seeing. I really want her to bring home a hunky Italian guy in her suitcase just for me, but she swears she won't have room. Bummer.

School gets out Friday. She's been shopping to get last minute clothing items. We are both getting excited.


  1. What fun. I will try to travel along with the blog. Devin and I can read it together and see what we learn. You'll have to tell me more about People to People.

  2. Have you ever actually "talked" to a hunky Italian?

  3. OMG! She is so lucky! I want to know about People to People too! And she definitely needs to send home a hunky Italian (who can cook!)