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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bon Voyage Party: Next Stop Rome (Well, the Airport is First)

Great weather, nice yard. Getting to know each other.
Today was the Bon Voyage party for the kids and families.

While we have been driving to Gilroy for most events (because this group draws kids from the Central Coast), today our lovely neighbors hosted the event and we were lucky to just pop in the car and be there one minute! Okay - we had to drive because I was packing an enchilada casserole.

Everyone was buzzing with excitement as the Europe kids get ready to leave this Friday at 6am - which means we have to be at the airport at 3am - which I think means I am pulling an all-nighter that night so we can get there on time.

That's going to be ugly. Not only will I be crying when she leaves but I will be over tired and under nourished. I expect to be ghastly for at least two days. Thankfully she returns at a human time, 9:30 at night.

That's the little kite with the poem. 
The kids made kites for the parents today that had a little poem about it being "okay to let them soar on their own". Sure, it was a little corny, but the sentiment was appreciated and if I actually started thinking about what the poem says, I am pretty sure I could start crying.

After that we moved to the back yard where we had a pinning ceremony to remind the kids of their responsibility as Student Ambassadors.

Oh yeah, year two! She's an alum!
People to People takes this responsibility very seriously and they expect a lot of the kids with regard to manners, preparation and appreciation for the experience. The pinning ceremony was very sweet. I pinned her People to People pin on her new lanyard and gave her a little kiss.

The Europe group (we have a set of kids that are separately going to Australia), will meet up at the airport with a delegation from the Central Valley - Reedly, Fresno, etc. Then those two groups will have one more delegation meet them in Chicago before they head to Rome. Those kids are from South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota (can you say that without sounding like an extra from Fargo?) and other close states. 

I will make every effort to provide a daily update just like last year. It so helps me feel close to her and helps me understand what she's seeing! This way I get to tour too! Can't wait for you to help me share the adventure!

Kids from both the Europe and Australia groups.

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  1. Have a great time traveling, Katie. Will look forward to hearing some of your first person stories when you return.

    Jennifer, call, if you need a driver to bring you back from the airport. In one piece.