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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 3: Rome Like a Gladiator

Piazza Navona
The kids stay in Rome and hit some more amazing, historic sites. We got a note from the our delegation leader, Judy, today - really their Day 2 (on land, not air) evening. Here' what she wrote:
We had a great day in Rome!!!  We were a bit hot jet lagged and tired. But we didn't let that stop our adventure. We had pizza for lunch and a choice of pizza or risotto for dinner. We went straight from the airport to lunch and then a full day of walking the Roman ruins until the short walk to dinner. After dinner, we went to the hotel and checked in. Everyone took showers and went straight-away to bed. We are EXHAUSTED!  As it turns out, we have free wifi at this hotel. Bed check was at 9:00PM so there wasn't time for Internet contact from the delegates. I You will probably hear from them tomorrow. I will try to send pictures tomorrow evening.
The Pantheon
While I was Googling other things, I found this fantastic interactive map of Rome. The kids might like looking at then when the get home to see where they were! The Trevi Fountain is the one where the legend says, if you throw a coin in the fountain you are ensured a return to Rome. I know exactly what our kids will be doing!  

Trevi Fountain

It's good they are going to be near all this water since the temps have been hanging out in the mid-90s.

According to reports from other travelers, it's also quite humid. My little fog-flower is going to find that challenging. I guess the point was to learn about other places - and that includes the weather!

People to People Itinerary: SUNDAY, JULY 1 Rome, Italy

  • Today, feel like an ancient gladiator! You'll have the unique opportunity to gain insight into how the gladiators of the past fought and the hard life they lead. Take the chance to feel like a Roman "hero."
  • Continue your adventure with a City Quest including famous sights like Piazza Navona, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.
  • Take some time together to learn about your upcoming home stay. Ask questions and understand expectations for the next days with your European families.

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