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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ahhhh. The Joys of Packing.

This week is flying by and I have been swamped with work so Katie has been mostly on her own on the packing front. Today I finally flipped out a little because I realized I need to engage or something could go wrong.

Things still missing: headphones, a waterproof jacket, a towel. But not too bad really. She's done a great job pulling things together. 

The biggest to-do was getting the ATT calling plan together. With "the plan" it will still cost a dollar a minute if she has to call me. She gets 50 texts she can send, but she can receive an unlimited amount. All other data has to be turned off or I will have to get yet another client to pay the phone bill.

On Sunday night, when she was hyper-motivated after the Bon Voyage Party, Katie decided she needed to take pictures of every outfit she was taking. So, a little weird but okay. I pulled up a lawn chair and parked outside her door just to watch for a little while. I had been working (like I said, really busy week work-wise) and I needed a break. 

Lulu jumped on my lap and proceeded to watch this little bit of theater. First she assembled the ensemble. Then she laid it out - we noticed there was a bra there to make sure the shirts had the appropriate lift - and then she snapped a photo. Holy cow. Ruby got in and out of the way and Lulu and I eventually got bored. 

By tonight, things are starting to come together. We bought gifts for her host family (I think she's there four nights?) and the bus driver and her in-country tour guide. Pizza My Heart shirts turned out to be the major score at $6 each with great graphics and a free slice of pizza. We have lunch tomorrow handled: two slices of Hawaiian and two pestos. Sweet.

We also got magnets and Shark Mints (in case there are little kids) and a rather cool surfboard incense burner - I know, random - for the host family because we had no idea what else to get. It's definitely Santa Cruz-y. 

Katie leaves ridicolously early on Friday morning. I'll write a post later on Friday with the details. It's very exciting but I am a nervous wreck! I am ready for her to go already just so I can let my guard down. Two more days. Please no broken bones. No head lice. No sickness.

Two more days.

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