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Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 12, Friday, July 22: Depart for the USA

Talked to Katie last night and she's excited about coming home. She's made some friends and they have already promised to see each other once they get home (thankfully they don't live too far away). They had to get up at 4am and be on the bus by 4:30am. I got a text this morning, she's at the airport shopping. Of course.

I can't wait to see her! What an amazing experience.

The last note from Lyly:

Our last day in Canada was bittersweet. While we have enjoyed the trip immensely, everyone is looking forward to going home and seeing family. 
We spent the morning at the Parliament Building on Vancouver Island. It is a huge, beautiful building set in front of the harbor. As we walked through the building, our docent explained how the Canadian government works. 
Fun Fact: Did you know that when Canadians vote for their prime minister, they don't vote for a specific person, they vote for the party? Once a party has been chosen, the members of the party choose the prime minister. 
We had lunch at the Empress Hotel. It was a high tea luncheon with lovely scones, finger sandwiches, cookies, and tea. Although unused to the dainty food, even the boys admitted that it was fun to enjoy high tea. 
After our ferry ride back to Vancouver, we headed for Stanley Park. Stanley Park is famous for the section with totem poles. The totem poles stand tall with all kinds of animals or people carved into the wood. Each totem tells a story and the most important person in the story is always placed at the top of the pole. The totems were amazing. 
We ended our day with a little party to say thank you to Miss Chelsea. The students got a chance to say why they like Chelsea and give her the best of their "Goodwill Gifts." It was a nice way to say farewell to Chelsea and Canada. 
Lastly, I wanted to remind everyone that we will be arriving on Air Canada, flight #560, at 10:52 am. I have been told that we will actually be going through customs in Vancouver not San Francisco. So please be at the airport no later than 11:00 am to pick up your child. 
It's been a pleasure having your children on this journey.         

People to People Itinerary

Pack up your bags one last time, say your goodbyes to your Field Instructor, and board your motor coach to the Vancouver Airport.

On your flight home, reflect on your journey, your new understanding of Western Canadian culture, and expanded horizons as a Student Ambassador. Welcome home!

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