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Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 1: Getting There!

Oh thank god, she's in the air!

We had to leave at 2:30am to get to San Francisco airport in time for the 4am round-up and check-in. Translated: we barely slept. Well, she finally zonked but I stayed in a twilight "rest" state until we had to leave. I was so anxious realizing one misstep on my part and she'd miss the whole trip!

The drive up was effortless (albeit still nerve-wracking because I fear animals on Highway 17 at night AND I drove over my first orange cone - they were doing early morning construction and they shoved us way too far into the rebar - sheesh!). We arrived at the International Terminal early and ready to go. Only no one was there.

I forgot one small detail.

We left early!
That's because they had to take a domestic flight first to Chicago and then on to Rome. So we had to hoof it over to the domestic terminal and arrived at the American Airlines check-in where there were no shortage of humans arriving with loads of luggage. We met up with the gang and the unrested, over-excited kids all smiled at each other and quietly waited in a 30 minute line to check in.

With that, we grabbed a group shot of our delegates from the Monterey Bay and they marched off to security and our of our lives for the next 19 days. At the gate, they met up with a delegation from the Central Valley (around Fresno) and I believe they connected with one more delegation from the Midwest (South Dakota and Nebraska). They will all travel in a pack around Europe together.

Our awesome Monterey Bay Delegation! Go kids!

Turns out, that flight to Chicago, not all that great.

I came home and fell into a coma-induced sleep. Woke up at 11am and got a text from Katie about an hour later. They had finally arrived in Chicago but it was the "worst flight of my life. I nearly threw up and the guy next to me actually did. So much turbulence."

According to Katie, there was a "lightening storm. Had to emergency land in a town 85 miles further than Chicago [Peoria]." They stayed on the tarmac and had to fly back. It took about an extra 45 minutes.

Dang! I looked it up and while the airline didn't describe why, it did detail the detour.

At Chicago O'Hare pre-board.
All's well that ends well. Right? 

About two hours later, just before they boarded for Rome, she sent one more quick text (and photo): "You'll be happy to know I really like everyone in my delegation." I believe we are off to a great - albeit bumpy - start!

They arrive in Rome at 9am Rome time, midnight California time. It will be Saturday morning there. Shortly I will post the itinerary for tomorrow!

People to People Itinerary:FRIDAY, JUNE 29: Depart for Rome
Meet your delegation and board your international overnight flight to Europe.

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