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Monday, July 11, 2011

July 10: The Day Before the Big Trip!

We got all the packing done and needed one Target run before heading to Uncle Jay's to spend the night (he's close to the airport and we had to be there at 4am). We had dinner at Red Robin where Katie lost it realizing how much she was going to miss Gramma!

We got to Jay's to fine Aunt Michele making pesto with all the fresh basil from their garden (it smelled wonderful). We had fun with the dogs and shared travel stories with Jay, Michele and David. We hit the sack at 10:30 and Katie (thankfully) fell asleep. Me, not so much as I was worried about hitting that 3am wake up alarm.

We got up at 3am, dressed and headed to the very empty airport. But lots of the kids were already there! We didn't have long to wait before Canadian Air opened their counter and the kids began check in. They did a quick group photo and headed to security where I had to say my final good bye. Of course, I was crying so it made Katie cry and she probably wanted to shoot me!

I left the airport at 5:30am, passed the great headdress from Beach Blanket Babylon. I got home at 7am and tried to sleep. By noon I had four messages from her leader saying they had left, landed (in Vancouver) and left and landed in Calgary. I love this program, the communication is outstanding!

Jay and Michele's amazing garden!
Making Pesto - hopefully Katie learned a little something!
That's Norman. The most social Basset you will EVER meet! He's also trouble - never misses a mooch opportunity.

This is the costume from Beach Blanket Babylon. It's freaking HUGE!

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