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Monday, July 11, 2011

Day 1, Monday, July 11: Calgary, Alberta

Saying good bye was so hard - it's not natural to leave a child at an airport! - but we did it and she's on the way. I am getting emails from the leader already and provided she hasn't face-planted from exhaustion, she should be having fun! The program itinerary is below. 
The People to People Itinerary
  1. Greet your fellow Ambassadors in your departure city before boarding your international flight to Calgary, Canada.
  2. Welcome to Canada! Meet your Field Instructor upon arrival and exchange any currency you plan to use.
  3. Next, it’s up to the top of the Calgary tower - the second tallest building in Canada! This tower is a founding member of the World Federation of Great Towers and offers a commanding view of the city.
  4. Finally, it’s off to the University of Calgary where you stay for the night.

The whole (tired) group. Katie's next to the girl in yellow.
So many kids and yet the leader got them checked in and ready to go! Amazing!
Katie heading into security in the rust sweatshirt and the flowered wheelie backpack.

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