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Friday, July 4, 2014

P2P Day 16: JackWills Is Katie's New Boy Friend, A Knight to Remember in Warwick

I hope it's raining because she's all wet!
So I guess my rock star experienced repeller didn't repel so well yesterday! She managed to bruise her neck, spine and arm and is feeling it today!


She called to say the day was great - but it looks a little wet - and they toured Warwick Castle and did some Knight training. The leaders posted some great photos of the kids earning their stripes (see below).

It's JW - duh...
Warwick Castle
But that wasn't the highlight of the day. No, that happened earlier when the kids had a little free time and they got to run about the town of Chester (bytheway, look at the two links below about Chester - the walls are kind of amazing). Apparently this has been the "fashion trip" (no I haven't looked at my credit card transactions yet, now I'm afraid to).

One of the brands she had to get is called JackWills (JW) and it's apparently huge in the UK. She's sporting her new sweatshirt there on the FaceTime photo. Thank god she was able to get this sweatshirt, I'd hate to think she was missing out somehow - I mean being all of 14 and getting to freaking go to the UK to being with! Sheesh.

Tonight ended with a few fireworks. She wasn't sure why they were seeing them (I figure there have to be some Americans around somewhere causing trouble). After four years of missing out on July 4th, she was happy to see them!

Tomorrow they bust a move to London (staying in Wembley) and they will see a play tomorrow night! She said they wouldn't tell her which one. I will crack up if it's Shakespeare.

From the People to People Itinerary
Spend some time exploring the wonderful Roman city of Chester, which was once the capital of Great Britain. Receive a guided orientation from your Delegation Manager of the Amphitheatre and the fortress walls before breaking into groups and exploring this historic city on your own.

On arrival at Warwick, you will have time to explore the magnificent, medieval castle. In 1068, William the Conqueror fortified the site, which overlooks the river Avon. Imagine yourself in the Middle Ages as you explore the dark and gloomy dungeon, gruesome torture chamber and splendid armory.

Calling all Student Ambassadors! Are you brave enough to join the Earl of Warwick's celebrated army? This evening, you will be whisked back in time and invited to train as a soldier in a specially recreated medieval encampment! You will be taught the arts of sword fighting, bill drill training and other pre-battle rituals before being treated to the spectacular sight of the firing of the world's largest trebuchet (catapult) [check out this video - advance to 2:30 and then WATCH!]. With the summer sun softly shining on your back [I think it was raining], this wonderful and unique experience will live long in the memory! You will truly enjoy this People to People exclusive opportunity.

This must be Chester.
Warwick Castle
Jack Bauer - the early years.
It appears my child either has issues with authority or can't follow instructions. Or both.
Discipline is harsh in People to People!
I love this shot - World's Largest Trebuchet and our great kids!

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