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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

P2P Day 14: They Arrive in Wales After a Simply Splendid Four-Hour Ferry Ride. Cheers!

They are in Wales!

Katie said the ferry ride was fabulous. Apparently she's reading some book of poetry (who is she?!) and she and her friends were discussing the poetry and drinking coffee on the ferry ride - "Mom, I'm drinking so much coffee now, I just love it!" - and they were being all smart and discussy.

"Katie, you're in England, you're supposed to drink tea," I told her.

"Geez mom, we haven't even gotten to England yet. What's wrong with you, they drink coffee in Ireland and Scotland."

And there you have it. I guess I might have to get a coffee pot. Lord knows I don't drink the stuff and I'm not ready to buy stock in Starbucks. But, I do like the smell and if it helps her get up in the morning....

The ferry ride was about four hours long. Then the got to Wales and spent time learning history and doing some touring. She and her roommate were the only girls on the boys floor ("in the dungeon with spiders everywhere") but the part of the hotel I could see looked nice.

Once again the leaders to the rescue with great shots of the day's events. Tomorrow they have a Full-On experience - she got to do one in New Zealand (repelling) and in Canada they did something similar called Tree-Go. Basically they are team building, personal challenge experiences that are fun but push you to try new things. Can't wait to find out what they will be doing!

Noswaith dda - which is to say, good evening, in Welsh. [OMG I love this video!]

From the People to People Itinerary
This morning you will say goodbye to the "Emerald Isle" and make your way to the ferry port where your ferry will take you over to Wales.

Be welcomed by the Welsh Country Manager, and receive an introduction to Wales, local sights and activities. Crossing over GeorgeStephenson's magnificent iron bridge with the beautiful Menai Straits below, you will then arrive onto the Welsh mainland.

Encounter the village that boasts one of the world's longest station names: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch! [Why?]

During your time in Wales, you may notice the distinct Welshlanguage. In some areas, it is still the primary language and today you will learn some basic phrases in this Celtic language.

Diane "Golden" Miller - this is all I know!
The bridge they talk about above.

Larry called this: Zap Game in Wales.

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