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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day 2: Long Flight But They Finally Arrive In Auckland, New Zealand

Getting her upbeat text last night helped me zonk out knowing she'd board the flight to Australia at midnight and hopefully sleep.

They are touching down as I write this. It's 12:50pm our time and nearly 6am, Friday, their time. If they slept, they should be in very good shape!

I got the text below while I was sleeping. The part I love most is the photo showing the top of someone's head! She absolutely sounds more excited.

After they change planes in Brisbane (to say it, keep your teeth together and say the last syllable as "bin"), they hop on a flight over the New Zealand arriving at 2:45pm their time. It looks like a three hour layover in Australia and then a nearly three hour flight to NZ. I hope they get something "Australian" to eat while they are bopping around waiting.

When they arrive in Auckland, they head off to do the Hobbitron Movie Tour, checking out the movie sets from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. That sounds awesome - Sheldon, Leonard and the guys would be SO jealous! They end the day with their first "home stay" which will be on a farm called Matamata. The whole thing looks pretty darn fantastic.

From the People to People Itinerary:

Welcome to Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. Auckland is known for its unique blend of harbor, islands, Polynesian culture, and modern city environment.
  • Greet your Kiwi Delegation Manager upon arrival at Auckland International Airport.
  • Witness Auckland's amazing suburbs, which sprawl generously over a narrow isthmus between the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea.
  • Travel south through the beautiful farmlands of Waikato to Rotorua.
  • Explore the Hobbiton Movie Set from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit film sagas in a fascinating guided tour.
  • Discover your inner hobbit acting out a scene from The Hobbit trilogy.
  • Meet your farm stay family and experience a true taste of the rural community in “Middle Earth country”.

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